Registration process

1. Contact the AIFC Business Development Office

AIFC Business Development Office is the first point of contact for all establishments interested in having a presence in the AIFC. We have a dedicated team of Business Development Officers who are at hand to support and guide organizations through the whole process.


Prior to completing the application forms, you are advised to undertake some preparation steps:

Decide what type of business you want to carry out and check whether your activity falls under the Regulated, Market Activities or Ancillary Services. Please follow this link to access the guidebook on regulated activities. If your activity is regulated, please start with the Authorisation section;

If your activity is non-regulated, please proceed to the Registration section. Please access the registration guidebook here for more details on     organizational-legal forms;

Familiarise yourself with the applicable AIFC Rules and Regulations and be prepared to show how you will comply with them. Please click here to access the AIFC legislation.

Registration: main points how to register a company

Once you decide to open a new entity or register a branch of an existing entity in the AIFC, then you are welcomed to start using Registration Section of our Self-service Portal.

To start using the portal all you need is to follow 4 steps:

1. Open the Portal;

2. Provide a valid email address;

3. Verify email address;

4. Login* to the Portal using that email and start registration.

Once an application is ready (all sections will be colored in Green), you can submit it to AFSA via Self-service portal. For submission of application you need to make payments on the portal using a valid credit card:

• Registration fee - $300**

*Users from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania may use Smart ID for authentication.

** For Foundations the registration fee is $400.

3. How to Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here.

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