The AFSA and the China Securities Regulatory Commission agreed on cooperation in the field of financial markets

The document has been signed by Mr. Stephen Glynn, the Chief Executive Officer of the Astana Financial Services Authority and Mr. Liu Shiyu, Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)

The MoU is the first such agreement to be signed by the Astana Financial Services Authority with an international regulator. By signing the MoU the two regulatory agencies agree to co-operate and exchange of information in securities regulation. CSRC has been actively involved in regulatory information exchange and cross-border enforcement cooperation with its overseas counterparts since its establishment in October 1992.

“The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the CSRC is a significant step towards the integration of the AFSA with the international regulatory community. The CSRC is a leading international regulatory authority and the MoU will enhance the already excellent relationship between the AFSA and the CSRC. Cooperation in securities regulation has the effect of enhancing confidence in markets by providing a platform for mutual regulatory activities, such as market surveillance. The AFSA and the CSRC will use their best endeavors to ensure high levels of integrity and fair dealing in capital markets and to ensure investors and markets are protected”, - said Mr. Glynn.

The AFSA plans to enter into strategic partnerships with other local and regional agencies, standard setting bodies, international regulators within the next two years.

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