AFSA acts independently of AIFC bodies and state bodies within the limits provided for by applicable legislation and is accountable to the Management Council and the Governor of the AIFC. In carrying out its functions, AFSA pursues the following objectives:

  • the regulation, control and supervision of financial activities in the AIFC by Centre Participants with a view to the maintenance of the safety and soundness of the financial system within the AIFC;
  • ensuring that financial markets in the AIFC are fair, efficient, transparent and orderly;
  • creating fair, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions for Centre Participants;
  • fostering and maintaining confidence in the AIFC’s financial system and regulatory regime;
  • fostering and maintaining the financial stability of the AIFC’s financial services industry and capital markets, including the reduction of systemic risks;
  • preventing, detecting and restraining actions that may cause damage to the reputation of the AIFC or to the financial activities carried out in the AIFC by taking appropriate measures, including by imposing sanctions;
  • protecting interests of investors and users of financial services;
  • implementing in the AIFC a regulatory regime that complies with international standards in the sphere of regulation of financial services; and
  • fostering the development of financial technologies in the AIFC.
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