Start Business in AIFC

We are launching initial version of the Self-service Portal  for potential AIFC participants. Current version of the Portal contains all you need to submit for registration in the AIFC. The Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) is an integrated regulator of the AIFC and will register and incorporate entities that carry on financial services activities and non-financial services activities.

More services will be added to the Portal in coming months.

Prior to applying

Prior to completing the application forms, you are advised to undertake some preparation steps:

  • Decide what type of business you want to carry out and check whether your activity falls under the Regulated, Market Activities or Ancillary Services. Please follow this link  to access the guidebook on regulated activities. If your activity is regulated, please start with the Authorisation section;
  • If your activity is a FinTech Activity, please proceed to the FinTech Lab section.
  • If your activity is non-regulated, please proceed to the Registration section. Please access the registration guidebook here  for more details on legal forms;

  • Familiarise yourself with the applicable AIFC Rules and Regulations and be prepared to show how you will comply with them. Please click here  to access the AIFC legislation.


Once you decide to open a new entity or register a branch of an existing entity in the AIFC, then you are welcomed to start using Registration Section of our Self-service Portal. To start using the portal all you need is to go through very simple Sign-up procedure, where system will ask your e-mail address and then validate this address. Once e-mail is validated you can login and fill registration application.

Once application is ready (system will colour fields to Green), you can submit it to AFSA. For submission of application you need to pay fee for registration application ($100) and for Commercial Licence ($100). The payment should be done in the Portal using valid credit card.

Users from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania may use Smart ID for authentication. 


If you need to apply for authorisation to conduct Regulated, Market Activities or Ancillary Services, please contact us through this link. Please follow this link to access the guidebook on regulated types of activities.

FinTech Lab

FinTech Lab is a tailored live environment, where firms can offer innovative financial and RegTech services without the full burden of regulatory requirements.

If you need to apply for authorisation to conduct FinTech Activities in the FinTech Lab, please use the FinTech Lab Section of our Self-service Portal. More information on FinTech Lab through this link.


Recognition of Non-AIFC Members

If you are a Person located in a jurisdiction other than the AIFC and want to apply to AFSA for an order declaring you to be a Recognised Non-AIFC Member, please use the Authorisation section. Recognition will enable financial market infrastructures (trading platforms and clearing and settlement institutions) and qualified potential market participants (brokers) to be recognised to carry out their activities in the AIFC without having to establish a physical presence in the AIFC.

Please click here  to find out more about the recognition regime.

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